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                Kaisa Group Wechat

                • For enquiries related to Kaisa investors, please contact:

                  Investor Relations


                • For enquiries related to human resources, please contact:

                  Human Resources


                • For media enquiries, please contact:

                  Public Relations


                • For enquiries related to corruption report, please contact:

                  Auditing & Supervision


                • For enquiries related to projects for investment, please contact:

                  Investment Department


                • Kaisa Group Headquarter

                  30/F, The center, 99 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong

                  33/F, Kerry Centre, Ren Min South Road, Luohu, Shenzhen

                  38/F,North Tower,Kaisa Plaza,NO.86 Jianguo Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing

                Win-win Cooperation

                To be an honest person of disinterested integrity and altruistic behavior.

                In the event of unlawful practices or disciplinary offense in the course of business cooperation with Kaisa Group, such as asking for briberies or commissions, manipulation of tenders, etc. by Kaisa’s representatives, please contact the Audit and Supervision Department in time and provide the relevant information for quick processing.

                Please clarify the following in your report:

                1.The real name, contact information, address, etc. of the reporter;

                2.The object of report;

                3. The time, place, specific details of the incident;

                4.Pictures, videos and other evidence.

                (We will keep your personal information strictly confidential.)